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About This Blog- A Blog for Real Life

Why blog? It’s better together.

So why start a blog? Or this particular blog?

I see it as my responsibility to address needs and wants of this amazing little community we’ve created. Part of that is exploring all aspects of real life. So many of us have similar experiences, are faced with similar dilemmas, and are asking similar questions. Threads of these conversations are constantly happening throughout LifeWorks and it feels like my life’s work to weave them together and sometimes to try to make sense of them.

People tend to come to LifeWorks for one reason or another, maybe to heal an injury, relieve pain, or to get fit. Sometimes they find more.  Sometimes people find in themselves a willingness to try new things, patience with the process of adjusting to a news sense of self, maybe they’re getting older, their families are changing, they’re dealing with a disease or injury. While our initial reasons for coming together might be the same or different, I find we are all interested in feeling more comfortable in our own skin.

In this blog, I intend to share topics that surface in my classes, from ways to weave yogic principles into everyday life to ways to connect better with our bodies (as well as the admittedly less profound) insights into how a rounder, bigger bottom might be healthier (hint: no tucking!). But no topic is off limits. My goal is to have this blog reflect LifeWorks’ philosophy: a place to come as you are, share what’s true for you, explore real life. Any topic is fair game, so if you’ve got something you want me to share here, bring it on!