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Lizzy Spalding

Lizzy Spalding instructs the following:
  • LifeWorks Yoga/Flow
  • New to LifeWorks, this class is taught by Lizzy Spalding!
    Yoga in motion. Through leverage, balance, and suspension, play we will play with traditional and non-traditional vinyasa and alignment.

  • LifeWorks Yoga for Everyone (Esp. 50+)
  • A gentle, therapeutic yoga class that focuses on ease of movement, range of motion, and building strength and flexibility. Perfect for beginners and those who have injuries or other limitations. No experience necessary!

  • LifeWorks Ball
  • Bounce your way to a stronger and more flexible body while performing Pilates movements on a large stability ball. This fun whole body workout especially challenges core muscles, leading to better alignment, strength and comfort throughout your body!