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Yoga for Everyone (Esp. 50+)

This class is taught by:

Mikayla Morley

Mikayla is an apprentice at Lifeworks Studio, and an avid researcher of the human body and mind. She teaches meditation and is a substitute teacher for yoga, Pilates, and private yoga therapy sessions at the studio. Mikayla has been a dance student of modern, jazz, and ballet technique for over ten years and applies her knowledge of movement and alignment to her classes. She is especially interested in helping others heal from injuries through body-awareness and movement techniques, applying anatomy and the key role the mind plays in healing.
Yoga is for everyone, men, women,young, old, thin, fat, stiff, flexible, weak, strong…everyone. As we age we need our balance, strength, flexibility and the ability to really let go, breathe and relax.
We will start where you are and move on from there. With gentle poses and a gentle vinyasa flow you will delight in how your body responds.
Please join us as we journey into the transformative power of the ancient practice of yoga.

Upcoming classes:

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